Using a Vigor 130 VDSL Modem with a Netgear D6400 for Sky Fibre

Assuming you’ve had the Netgear connecting to Sky Broadband (using option 61 etc) these are the changes to make to relegate the Netgear to acting on as a router/switch.

On the Vigor 130 (you’ll need to plug into the Vigor’s ethernet port directly to access the admin page):

  • Go to Internet Settings > General Setup.
  • Change the DSL mode to VDSL2 only mode.
  • On the same page enable VLAN tag insertion for VDLS2/Service (bottom right) and enter 101 as the “Tag value” (
  • Go to Internet Settings > MPoA.
  • Enable MPoA bridge mode. (
  • On the MPoA page make sure VCI is 101.

On the Netgear

  • Go to ADVANCED > Setup > WAN Setup.
  • Change the WAN preference to “Must use Ethernet WAN” or “Auto-Detect”.
  • Go to BASIC > Internet.
  • Untick “Use VLANID”


Plug the WAN port on the Netgear into the port on the Vigor.